How To Bypass Any Surveys Easily

Hello friends main problem we encounter in How to Bypass or remove Online Surveys Easily. it is very disturbing moment when you see you have to complete survey first. there are many way to bypass them i have read many article but i found these method that work for me.
if you people frustrated from this kind of problem than you are welcome to our blog .You will know that why you should not download this file or if you really want to download it without performing any real online survey then How to do it. So here are the several ways through which you can bypass them though we are not sure all of them will work or not !
How to Bypass Surveys Easily

Method 1

Google Chrome user you can easily Bypass surveys with just a chrome plugin.You can download it from here or here.Just Download it and install it and it will in the upper right Corner and click it whenever you want to bypass a survey.

Second Method ( Disable the Script of your Browser)

 Step for Google Chrome Browser :

  • In Google Chrome Click on the little spanner icon in the right And then Select Options.
  • When the Options window Opens Select Content Settings.
  • Now Click on JavaScript in the top toolbar, And Select Do Not Allow any site to run JavaScript,
  • Now click close and refresh the webpage, It should open up and show you its content without requesting that you do a survey.
  • Once you have finished looking at the webpage repeat the above steps except this time choose Allow All Sites to run JavaScript otherwise some sites won’t work.

Step  for Mozilla Firefox Browser :

  • Firefox Click on tools in the top toolbar, and then select Options.
  • Now when the options open select the content tab, When it opens uncheck the box, that says enable JavaScript and select Ok.
  • Now go back to the website and refresh it, the website should show you its content without a survey, Once done you will need to repeat these steps but click enable
  • JavaScript as Facebook will not work correctly without it.

Third Method

1) When you are prompted to take a survey, Right Click the title and Click Inspect Element

2) Now keep pressing Delete button to delete scripts on Inspect Element tab, until complete a survey disappear

3) After the bar disappear, keep deleting until the Page go lighter (whiten) with no dark area.

4) Done! Now you’ll see your full content or download on Sharecash.

Fourth method

friends i  found that, formerly known as XJZ Survey Remover. This bookmarklet was designed to show protected areas on websites. Removes surveys most of the time but it doesn't work if the survey leads to a download (sharecash). Works on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
For more details, please visit this website:here  


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