How to Add Old Post Notification on WordPress

Hello Guys Do you want to add an old post notification in WordPress? one of my friend asked me how he can automatically warn users of old posts on their website. They had hundreds of old documentation articles, and they feared some of they may not be useful. In this article, we will show you how to add old post notification on your WordPress blog. and also tell him how he maximize and efficiency of his WordPress theme

Old Posts Notification for WordPress

There are three ways to displaying old post notification in WordPress.
  • Automatically show an old post warning for all posts that are X days old
  • Manually mark posts as outdated and show a warning
  • Display last updated date

1. Automatic Outdated Post Message for WordPress

Outdated content message displayed on a WordPress post
In this solution, you use a plugin to automatically display an outdated post message on all WordPress posts that are older than a specific number of days (let’s say 2 years).
You can do this by installing and activating the Juiz Outdated Post Message plugin. Upon activation, simply visit Settings » Outdated Post Message to configure the plugin.

Outdated post message settings
You can see the setting to choose the number of days after an article should be considered outdated along with the ability to customize the message.
Below the general settings, you will find display settings which allows you to choose post types where you want to display the outdated posts message along with where do you want to position the message.
You can also disable outdated message for selected posts by editing the post and updating the outdated message options box.


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